Friday, February 29, 2008

It only took a month!

So we are still alive, just busy (and before that, boring!) So in the last month, it has still been really cold, snowy, icy, etc, but today is FINALLY warm. It is like 40, and is supposed to stay that way all weekend! I can't wait. Luckily we missed out on the last round of yucky weather because we were in CA for a week. We surprised my stepmom for her 50th b-day. She loved it! We spent some time north of LA and a few days in San Diego. We had a few rainy days, but a super sunny, perfect day to go to Sea World and another one to spend at the beach. Hannah loved being able to go outside and play. She rediscovered playgrounds and LOVES slides. I'll post a few pics sometime this weekend. We had a great trip!

When we moved into our house we talked about refinishing the wood floors that were covered with the old yucky carpet. At that time we decided that we really just wanted to move in, and so we put new carpet in instead. Nate's brainwave was that while we were gone we could have the floors done. Sounds like it should be an easy project, but it involves moving all of the furniture, clothing, etc, moving all of the carpet and padding, and then pulling the five million staples that the carpet leaves behind. So we moved to the basement a few days before we left and came home to a nice a smelly home. The floors look good, and hopefully will be good for resale, but it has been a hassle! Everything was covered in dust, walls, ceilings, baseboards, and everything smells like varnish. We are now in the process of putting our house back together, then I will be more excited to be back home! After this project is complete, we start the next project...the upstairs. This is where we are transfering our carpet from the main level to, but first everything needs to be painted, cleaned, etc. Hopefully we can make a little money on this house, it seems like we are always in the process of fixing up something!