Thursday, February 12, 2015

Christmas for New Year's Eve

Christmas #3 when we returned from Colorado. This one held on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day with the Pettitt crew. 

The Briggs family is expecting and shared that baby is a GIRL!!! Kiara is finally getting a sister! And we talked to Hermana Pettitt while she serves a mission in Chile. She comes home in April.

The party wouldn't be complete without a few card games!

Christmas in Colorado

We made it to Colorado for Christmas this year!

 I finished the stocking!!! It was around 11 PM Christmas Eve, but it got finished!

 The gingerbread village. 

 Christmas morning with Grandma Deb!

A visit to Phil and Sue!

Pre-Christmas Celebration

Because we were travelling for Christmas we had a little pre-Christmas Christmas at our house before we hit the road. The girls got mostly practical stuff this year (jeans, shirts, socks, boots, chairs for the kitchen table), but they thought it was all great :)

Camille's Christmas Program

Our Angel Camille! The kids put so much work into learning their songs and parts.  They did a great job!

Holly Jolly Lights

We have some super awesome neighbors/friends who took the oldest 3 girls to see the Holly Jolly Lights.  They have a tradition to go on the "minivan express" to see the lights and this year Hannah, Allison, and Camille got to join in. Thanks Friedels!


We enjoyed making Christmas cookies to deliver to our neighbors and friends. I always want to try something new, so it becomes a process! Here's my help!

 Ready to make long as the girls don't eat them first!

And we saw Santa at our church Christmas party. Emma didn't even cry this year :)

Allison's Concert

December 11, 2014
Allison's 1st grade concert.  She got to dress as a cowgirl.  Can you see her up in the top right corner?