Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Allison is 2 years old!

So Alli turned 2 only 5 days after Camille was born. It might have been a bit of a crazy kind of time. The picture below is the only picture I have that is halfway decent of the b-day celebration...Emily (holding Camille) will be joining the Pettitt family sometime in the near future!

Yes we did celebrate Allison's birthday...presents, cake, etc. My mom made the cake (no pics), you can see the corner of one of Alli's presents in this pic. My excuse for no presents...we celebrated 4 days after I had a baby and I was not feeling so hot. Which bring me to a tangent of sorts....if you don't want to read, just scroll down to look at some cute pictures of my 2 year old!

So why was I not feeling great you ask? Not really because I just had a baby, but sort of. Nursing was not going so great. You'd think by the 3rd time around I would have things figured out. Luckily the next day we went back to the hospital for a quick check up. As the nurse is asking me how nursing Camille is going, Camille spits up all over the place...and it is bright pink. Yes, that's how it is going...I'm bleeding and hurting and crying and dreading having to feed her! So the nurse watched me feed her for latch issues...looks good. Then she sticks her finger into Camille's mouth and right away tells me what the problem is! Her tongue is more attached than normal so instead of using her tongue to suck, she is using her gums. She is biting me...no wonder I'm not enjoying it! The nurse thought it was probably not so severe that she would need it clipped, but gave me some pointers to help train Camille to use her tongue instead of her gums. I so grateful for the blessing of having somebody who actually knew what she was doing there to talk to me! Her tips helped so much and now we are doing great. In looking back, the nurse thought probably Hannah had the same situation. Nursing Hannah was no fun for about the first month. So, I give myself a pat on the back for A)not actually being crazy and forgetting how to feed a baby and B) sticking it out with Hannah because I LOVE breastfeeding my kiddos. It is such a special thing!

OK back to the fact that Allison turned 2!!!

On her birthday at the park w/ grandpa

Playing the in blow-up pool. Nice hair, huh?

Playing with birthday bubbles!

Wow...so one thing I already forgot and now decided to edit this post to add...Allison is potty-trained! WAHOO! The timing really would not have been my first choice, as she decided to start the adventure 2 weeks after I had Camille. But, because it was her idea, the whole process was relatively easy and I am sure enjoying only having 1 in diapers. I was bracing myself for about a year w/ two in diapers like last time, so this makes mommy happy!!!

So...it had been 3 MONTHS!

Since I now have a 3 month old, and the last time I posted anything was the day we brought her home from the hospital...I thought it might be time to update this blog!!! I'll give you a quick rundown of what we have been up to here, and then hopefully over the next few days I can find some time to post some pictures of the more exciting things...

So here's what has happened at the Pettitt's in the last 3 months:
~June 24 Alli turned 2
~4th of July/ "Meet Camille" party in Carroll
~Middle of July Nate took the 3rd part of his CPA exam
~July 21 we celebrated my birthday (Nate is excited because I now round up to 30...I keep reminding him that he is 4 years closer to 30 than I am!)
~August 1 Camille's baby blessing
~Mid-August Nate started back to school/work
~Mid-August Nate took 4th part of CPA exam
~Two days later finds out that he didn't pass 3rd part by 1 point! :( Time to study some more!
~Camille had 2 month Dr. appointment and 1st round of shots
~August 31 was Hannah's first day of school!
~1st week in Sept. Great grandma came to visit
~2nd week in Sept. Grandma came to visit
~Sept. 10 Hannah turned 4!

I'm sure there were other things happening...but that's what I can remember off the top of my head. Now lets see if I get around to those pictures any time soon :)