Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lessons from daddy

Today we stopped by the pro shop to see what daddy was up to. Things have been slowing down around the country club since school has started, so we actually got to visit with daddy while we were there! Nate showed Hannah how to putt...

and she tried it our for herself! Maybe we will get a little more practice in next year!

And this is Hannah's usual entertainment while she is out at the country club. The mirror. She will sit there and make faces, talk to herself, whatever. She thinks it is great. I still can't figure out why this mirror is so much more fun than the ones we have at home!

Monday, September 22, 2008


So yesterday we went to church like normal and Allison decided that she was hungry. We only had about 20 minutes left of church and so I decided that I would just go home to feed her...we don't really have a place to nurse a baby in our rented building, and we had two cars in the parking lot. So I get Allison all ready, trying to hurry because she is hungry (although she is very patient compared to how Hannah was). I open the door to the van with the key, so it is still in my hand while I'm trying to get her strapped into the car and I accidentally hit the lock button so the horn beeps. I decide to just put the key up in the front seat so that I don't set off the panic button or something. Then I closed the door and try to get into the car. Of course, you can probably guess that the door is locked...all of them. Um, PANIC...I just locked my hungry 3 month old in the car and I am almost certain that the other set of keys, besides the ones sitting on the front seat are in the diaper bag...also in the car. Anyways, Nate's dad called some guy who coached Nate's sister's basketball team when she was in high school and he came as quickly as he could and got the car unlocked for us. Granted this all still took about 25 minutes of Allison crying in the car, which was warmer than it needed to be, but luckily it wasn't a hot day, and she keeps looking at me through the window like why aren't you helping me mom! So while this is all going on I'm thinking two things 1)guilt, because I did this to her (there was maybe some crying to go along with this) and 2) I wish somehow I could be the one suffering instead of just didn't seem fair! Later yesterday afternoon I was thinking back to an article I had read in the Ensign about a woman who saw her grandson burn his hand on a hot curling iron and how she wished that she could take away the pain and how it ended up teaching her more about the Savior and His suffering for each of us. It got me thinking about how much we learn from being parents! No wonder Adam and Eve were commanded to multiply and replenish the earth and so are we. Without these little ones I know that I would miss out on SOOOO many lessons that Heavenly Father wants to teach me. It is amazing how much children teach you about love...pure, unconditonal love, and so many other lessons, like patience ! :) I am so grateful for Hannah and Allison and all that I have learned from them so far, and all that I know I will continue to learn from them. What a blessing they are to me!

Friday, September 19, 2008

More excitement in the Pettitt household

We are officially parents of a 2 year old!!! Hannah celebrated her birthday on Sept. 10 and we have survived the week and a half since then. Hannah had another little party here in Iowa the day before her birthday. It was just Nate's family and our next door neighbors, but Nate's family alone still makes for a full house! My mom always made our birthday cakes growing up because she actually knew what she was doing (she did it as a job for a while when she was in school) and so I figured that I better keep up the tradition. I've learned some from my mom over the years, but I haven't really ever decorated a cake on my own. So here is my attempt...I think it turned out pretty well for my first try! Next year maybe I will be brave enough to try making flowers (I took the easy route this time!)

So Hannah got to open some more presents, even though she really doesn't need more toys. Grandma and grandpa (and family) got her a little bike. She is really excited about it, but her little legs need to grow a bit more!

Then the evening of Hannah's birthday she took mom and Allison to the airport to go to Texas. I don't know that Hannah really cared, but it was a big step for me. The only time I'd been away from her was when I was in the hospital with Allison, and that ended up only being one night. So Allison went on her first plane ride, and did great.

I like travelling with little babies...they sleep! So we flew to CO and then drove with my mom and step dad to Lubbock, TX where my cousin Nicki was getting married. We had a great time and enjoyed spending time with family. Somehow I ended up with no pictures of Allison with any of the family..a few pictures of the bride and groom and that is it! :(

Hannah was actually really excited to see me when I got back, which was a nice change. Usually dad gets all sort of hugs and kisses and giggles when he gets home, and this time it was mom's turn! Thanks to Nate's mom for helping with Hannah and making the trip possible and to my mom for taking me along for the ride!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our trip to CO!

Happy day, we got to go to CO! My friend from high school just got married on Sat. and Nate's brother Kirby just started school at CSU, so we decided that we had a few good excuses to make the trip to Colorado and visit family while we were at it! We had a great time and celebrated Hannah's birthday while we were there. We celebrated Hannah's birthday early last year in CO, too, but at least this time it was only like a week and a half early! It was the only way that we could see most of the people we wanted to on such a short trip. Thanks grandma for making Hannah's party happen! This is one post of like a million that I FIALLY got around to today...if you have time you can look at them all (you're not done til you've seen Hannah's 1st haircut!)

Daddy and his girls at the Denver Temple

Hannah admiring the water fountain the the Temple

Reading with grandpa

The birthday cake, thanks grandma!!!

Hannah getting ready to blow out the candles!

The Lund family with Hannah and Kambria

Opening presents

Trying to share, but not really wanting to.

Cutie pie Allison!

Kim and her dad walking down the aisle

Chowing down at the reception on veggie dip!

Dancing with daddy

After our trip this is what our new church building looks like...they've been working hard!

Goodbye Contour, hello Town and Country!

After test driving way too many vans and doing lots of research, we finally made a big purchase! Even though we bought a house, buying a car was kinda least a house can appreciate in value, but a car definitely doesn't. So, we sold Nate's Contour and bought a mini van. We've already driven it to CO and back and we can definitely fit tons more stuff in it (a nice feature when travelling with two little girls!)Hopefully it lasts us a long while!

The old and...

the new (to us at least!)

Meeting great grandma

We've been busy! Shortly after my dad and Bettye left, my mom and grandma came to visit for a few days. Great grandma had to meet little Allison and see how much Hannah has grown! Sorry about the pics...I'm not sure why these ones aren't cooperating and rotating like I told them to!

Hannah trying to be a big girl

Great grandma holding her newest great grandaughter!

Niehouse cleaners sign...while my mom and grandma were in town, we went to a memorial service for one of my grandma's second cousins in Marshalltown, IA (like 2 hours directly west of Carroll) My grandma still has some family there, but hadn't been back since she was a little girl. This is the cleaners that her Uncle used to own. Although it isn't in the family any more, it still has the family name!

Great grandma and Allison!

Having lunch with grandma and being silly!

Playing with Nana and Papa

While my dad and step mom were here we went to the state park where they have a little petting zoo. Hannah loves animals, and she was pretty excited about petting and feeding them!

Allison's baby blessing

Even though it has been almost a month already, here are a few pictures from Allison's blessing. My dad and step mom flew out from CA to meet baby Allison and we did the blessing while they were here!

At church with Nana and Papa

Cousin Kiara with Allison


The proud daddy!

The family of four!

Hannah's first haircut!

So Nate has always given me a hard time because I didn't want to cut Hannah's hair. I'm not really sure why he has even talked about it for so long because she is just now starting to seem like she actually has hair that could be cut. Anyways, I was tired of Hannah always pulling her barette out with big chunks of hair and then having her hair in her eyes and food all of the she finally got a little trim. Her aunt Kristen cut it for her. If you ask Hannah who cut her hair she will tell you rah-rah (Kristen) Here are a few pictures of the end is hard to cut a squirmy almost 2 year olds hair!