Tuesday, August 19, 2014

First Day of School 2014

August 13, 2014

The first day of school for Hannah and Allison!
Ready to head to school.

 Ready to go with their classes and teachers. Hannah has Ms. Weieneth for 3rd grade and Allison has Ms. Fitzner for 1st grade.

And they made it home with smiles on their faces! 

Poor Baby!

August 12, 2014
The day before school started for Hannah and Allison and in the middle of getting ready for bed before the big day, this happened!
Emma managed to slam her bedroom door on her own finger, tearing her entire thumb nail (including the part that you don't usually see beneath the skin in her nailbed) off. She was NOT a happy camper and she was also a bloody mess. So I spent a few hours at urgent care with her to make sure nothing else was hurt.  Looks like it is only the nail and no other damage, but that is plenty! The Doctor said "hopefully her nail grows back!" I guess it can take 6-9 months, so we shall see!


The day before school started we were able to meet up with our old neighbors from Ames.  We LOVE our new house and neighborhood, but still miss playing with Miss Kate.  Thanks Kate and Amanda for a great day at the park!

Getting Ready for Baby

We've been staying plenty busy making sure we are ready for our new baby sister to join the family!

The 3 youngest girls all had a Doctor check up.

Emma helped get all of the baby's diapers ready.

I stocked up our freezer to make life a little less crazy with a newborn.

And I got to spend a whole day with just my "baby" before she becomes a big sister. We got to snuggle and play and go to the zoo :)


A family Nate home teaches was sealed in the Nauvoo Temple on August 2, 2014. We were a little hesitant to go with my due date being just a few weeks away, but decided that baby didn't seem like she was coming quite yet and made a day trip!

While Nate was in the Temple, the girls and I had fun in the Family Living Center learning all about how the pioneers did their everyday tasks.

 The blacksmith shop is a stop you have to make to pick up a horseshoe and prairie diamond ring!

The girls participated in the children's parade before the Sunset on the Mississippi show.

 This great performing missionary made sure Emma was included!

We made a quick trip over to Carthage.

And then spent sunset at the Temple.

Summer Fun

Just some of our random summer fun!

Water balloons with dad.

The zoo.


Hannah and Allison went to Adventureland with Grandma Pam, Aunt Tiff and the cousins.

 Typical evening playing in the cul de sac with the neighbor girls.

Picking flowers on the path behind our house.

Living History Farms

Our garden...and the deer who have demolished it! We have been able to pick a few things at least!