Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And I thought we were busy before...

2+ months! That's some terrible blogging! So this is my excuse....only like EVERTHING in our lives has changed in the last 2 months.

SO announcement: We are moving!!! Nate is going to graduate school. He'll be attending Iowa State University (in Ames) starting this fall and will be getting his MBA.

This has been our plan all along, but actually deciding to quit a good job and move from a great home to a place that you don't know is SCARY!

So in the last two months we: celebrated Easter (wow, that WAS a while ago!), Hannah got a tricycle, Alli got 4 new teeth, redid a bathroom, Nate put in a retaining wall and landscaping in the front and side yard, Nate notified his work that he will be leaving, we put our house up for sale and then cleaned and recleaned for people to come look at it (not an easy task with little ones!)...and SOLD IT 3 days later, was called as RS Pres (feeling totally overwhelmed and underqualified!), took a trip to CO w/o Nate, gone back and forth to Ames way too many times, stressed out about being homeless (day and night!), finally found a place to live in Ames today, and now it is time to pack and move and celebrate a 1st birthday by the 26th of the month! And ALL of this during Nate's crazy busy time of year at work!!! So here is one big long post, but don't count on another one too soon!

And the more exciting part...some pictures!

My girls!

My chunky monkey and a blur of her sister in the upper corner...

The Hannimal leaping through the air!

All ready to ride

Trying out her tricycle. She LOVES riding this thing!

And our CO trip. The girls and I went w/o Nate. We had to be there over Memorial Day so that we could see Grandma and Grandpa as well as Uncle Greg, Nana, and Papa who were visiting from CA. Memorial Day is BUSY for Nate at work...the whole summer kickoff thing...but he did fly out to drive back home with us!
We went to the zoo. Hannah and Grandma

Alli's favorite animals at the zoo

Allison and Nana

The girls and Papa

LOVING Chuck E. Cheese!

Enjoying our yard...while it lasts!

Peonies from my yard!

Playing with our neighbor Megan. We are going to miss out neighbors so much!!! :(

Daddy loves barettes! What a great daddy we have!

My little snuggly baby!

I LOVE them!

And...the sign in front of our house! What a blessing that it sold so quickly, but we will miss it! It was a GREAT home and full of LOTS of memories. I'm sure that eventually our new place will feel like home, too, but we might have to find a new hobby! For the last two and a half years we did way too many house projects!!!