Monday, April 30, 2012

Ice Skating

A few months back Hannah was invited to an ice skating birthday party for one of the kids in her class.  She was thrilled, even though she had never been ice skating.  At first she was a little hesitant and made me skate with her (is that on the "things not to do while pregnant" list?), but it didn't take long for her to decide she was just fine without mom!
Trying to figure it out...

...and now she is FAST!
Loving it!

Hannah and Delaney, her locker buddy

The kiddos at the party...most of Hannah's kindergarten class!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

New cousins

In January the girls got two new baby cousins...both boys!  On Jan. 2, Tiff (Nate's sister) and Dan had their 5th child, Corbin.  And on Jan. 12 Ben (Nate's brother) and Emily had their first child, Tate. I'm sure they will be the best of friends growing up!
The girls and all of their cousins!
Uncle Ben, Tate, and Hannah

Allison holding baby Corbin
Hannah's turn holding Corbin

Our snowman

This winter was super mild...and I'm not complaining!  We ended up with very little snow compared to normal and then it would all melt...I almost felt like I was back in CO! Usually it snows and the snow is here to stay until spring, but not this year. Because of this, we only made one snowman this year.  The girls still had fun, and I enjoyed that it wasn't crazy cold out!

House Project:After

And here is what we ended up with. The first we pictures (w/o carpet) were taken right before Thanksgiving...and the others were take today (in all of it's mess and lived in for a few months look!) When it is all said and done, we have a new bathroom, laundry, 2 bedrooms w/ egress windows, a third "bedroom" or office w/o egress window, living room, and toy room. It is GREAT to have the space! Of course there are always things to be done to "finish" the project, but at this point we are about 99.5% done! We also had our framers put together a playhouse in the extra part of the garage made from all of the stuff we took out of the basement and a few leftovers.

Living room

Stairs, toy room is on the other side of the half way...and it is definitely still a work in progress to get is organized!

Hannah and Allison's new room
Nate's new office

The playhouse

House Project: During

Now the real work begins!

 Digging the whole for the window well:

The window that will become the egress windows...and the DUST!
Allison is supervising from inside
Pouring the window well!
And maybe destroying our front lawn in the process...

And we decided to add a back patio, too.

House Project: Before

In October we started the basement project on our house...and it was a project! Here are some "before" pictures, although there was definitely some work done before these were taken. When we moved in there were these huge metal storage shelves (think grocery store)...which were nice to store stuff on, but we needed living space!  There were also all sorts of "movable" walls and accordian walls. There were also a couple of random walls built for some more storage space.  Don't worry...the toilet was always just out in the open, though! So here is where we started...after we (Nate!) cleared everything out and started a bit of the plumbing work!

Christmas in Iowa

Just some pictures from our Iowa Christmas!
Gingerbread house Hannah made at school

Hannah on Christmas morning

Allison on Christmas morning

The new wagon!

Enjoying some new toys

 Traditional cookie decorating at Grandma Eileen's house:

Nate's mom's side of the family

Dinner with Grandma Pat...the granddaughters surprised her by wearing her clothes!