Sunday, October 19, 2008

Show and tell, b-day, and costumes!

So we are still alive. We just seem to be busy. I don't know where the days go to, but somehow time is just flying by! Allison sure seems to be growing up so much more quickly than Hannah...maybe it is just because I am more busy!?

About a week and a half ago Hannah and Allison had a big adventure. They got to go to school. Nate's youngest sister was student of the week in her kindergarten class, and for show and tell she brought Hannah and Allison to share with her class. She is funny because most of the time she doesn't really get along with Hannah all that well. I think they are both too stubborn and bossy. Anyways, she was still really excited about having them in class. She told her teacher that her favorite thing to do was to hold Allison! Too cute. So here is a picture of Grace doing her favorite thing.

I didn't get a good picture of her with Hannah, but that is mostly because Hannah made herself at home in the classroom and was busy playing with all of their toys. When show and tell was over, it was time to line up to go to music class, and so Hannah lined up with them. I don't anticipate her having much separation anxiety when it comes time to go to school! She is definitely Miss Independent!

Here is another picture of Miss Allison, looking so big! :)

And here is my little ladybug! She is ready to go celebrate daddy's b-day and to go trick or treating!

Nate's b-day was on Wed. and he was working. It was family night at the country club, so we visited and ate dinner sort of with him while he worked. It was their Halloween themed night, so we (the girls) had to get all dressed up in costumes. Here is Hannah helping Aunt Sara make Aunt Josie into a mummy. She thought is was pretty funny and then thought she needed some, but couldn't get it to stay on! At least so far she hasn't had any bright ideas about the TP in our bathroom at home. Hopefully it stays that way!

Lastly, the birthday boy with his two little ladybugs. Happy Birthday Nate the Great!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Erma!

This past Sunday was Nate's great grandma's 95th birthday, so we celebrated over at grandma Eileen's house. Hannah is all excited about birthday's these days. I think partly because we celebrated hers multiple times, and this year she actually thought the parties were pretty fun. We told her once that daddy's birthday was the next one in our family and now she keeps asking about it! The other morning the first thing she said when she got up was "daddy's birthday coming!" Anyways, his birthday is still a few weeks away, but lately she keeps talking about daddy's yummy birthday that must really be why she is excited.

So here is a five generation picture. Great grandma Erma, grandma Eileen, Nate's dad, Nate and his sister Tiff, and then Hannah, Allison, Cameron, Kiara, and Caleb (Tiff's kids) Pretty neat, I never had any great great grandparents around when I was growing up!