Thursday, June 28, 2012

Greg and Katie come to visit

 My brother Greg just finished up his Masters program in May and is headed to Boston to start his new job!  He and his girlfriend Katie drove from CO to MA this past weekend and the stopped and spent a day with us.  It ended up being kind of a rainy day so we went bowling (Hannah and Camille both got strikes and Allison got a number of spares!).  I actually bowled really well for about the first 7 frames (as in I was tied with Nate who is a professional at about everything he does) and then ....I'm blaming the baby...she must have moved around in there... I lost all of my bowling abilities!  Allison was super excited because she had visitors on her REAL birthday! Greg came with gifts from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Tom and also a few fun things he came across while he was cleaning out his the train set that Hannah loves and a lovely recorder which is already banished to the basement or outside. Thanks for spending the day with us!!!

Visit from Great-grandma!

My Grandma made a quick trip to IA with Jerry and we got to spend a morning with them.  The girls entertained them with a few games of Candyland, some backyard play time, and LOTS of noise! We sure enjoyed being able to see Great-grandma Bowen and Jerry.  Thanks for making the trip to our house!!!


Camille and Allison both celebrated their birthdays on Father's Day.  In addition to celebrating Father's Day and their birthdays, we celebrated Great-grandma Pat's birthday, cousin Cameron's birthday, Uncle Ben's birthday, and Grandma Pam and Grandpa Todd anniversary.  It was a good day to celebrate!  The girls loved having everybody around.  I made their cakes...and tried not to stress too much about it (because I didn't need a baby to come in the middle of the party!) Camille and Allison got a new Barbie Jeep to drive around and they love it!  So we now have two Barbie old one from Craigslist and another cheap display model one from Walmart...and the girls are having a BLAST racing each other all around the yard!!!

Big Sister Class

June 14 the girls attended their big sister class at the hospital. They all thought it was GREAT! They had to try out their "Big Sister" shirts that our wonderful neighbors gave us and they got "Official big sister" buttons to wear when they come to meet their new baby. Mom and dad got a bit of quiet time while the girls learned all about to hold them, change diapers, and they even got to see where mom will have the baby.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

37 Weeks

Last week also marked 37 weeks pregnant...this baby girl is getting close! I been feeling pretty good and the weather hasn't been super hot yet, so I really can't complain!!! At my appointment yesterday the Dr. asked what I thought about a June baby instead of a July baby because it seems like things are moving along...sounds good to me!  Hopefully her comment doesn't jinx us! Even though I'm feeling good, I'd rather not be overdue. :)

ISU Dairy Farm

Last week the Iowa State University Dairy Farm celebrated Dairy Month with a day full of tours and treats.  Hannah had a play date scheduled, but Allison, Camille and I had a great time visiting the "moos!" Camille was super excited to see so many baby cows and couldn't stop saying "moooooooooo!!!!" And what is a dairy without ice cream a chocolate milk?

Swim Lessons

The girls started swim lessons last week and they both are loving the water this year!  Swim lessons got a little complicated though.  They were working on the gas lines...and then the pool ended up with no heat for week #2.  This meant lessons were cancelled!  The city refunded our money and suggested that we sign up for another session later in the summer, but the whole reason we signed up for the 1st session was so that we would be done BEFORE baby came! Oh well!  There is an evening class starting in July that daddy might get to take them to instead. Here are my little fish:

Keeping Busy

Here are the girls' latest "fun things to do." Camille loves to spend time outside...especially if there are birds and rabbits around! Allison and Camille spend lots of time playing babies these days.  I think they are practicing...and they are going to be great helpers! Usually they end up IN the baby crib :) And everybody has been into building towers lately!

New Toys

Nate and the girls both got new toys recently.  Nate's had his eye on a new mower...because ours was on the verge of dying and our yard took forever to mow! He found this one at a garage sale, so hopefully it lasts us for a while! So far, so good!

 The girls also got a new outside toy. This one encourages them to be monkeys outside instead of inside!