Saturday, January 29, 2011

My girls!

And because I love my girls, just a few more pictures! :)

Next stop....DISNEYLAND!!!!

On the ride to the front gate of Disneyland. Hannah is showing Papa that Minnie Mouse is on her shirt.
Our first "character" picture....Hannah wouldn't get in the picture!
Hannah and Alli's first ride!

The castle! Hannah is still pouting in the family picture...

The carousel...and look everybody can smile! We even got Nana on a horse!
Tea Cups!

Break time!
Riding "It's a Small World"

Look at the hats! Thanks Nana and Papa!

Checking out Minnie and Mickey's houses.

It was a busy day!!!

Bye Disneyland!

Bye Nana and Papa! Thank you so much-we had a blast!

And then...the San Diego Zoo!

Get excited...there is an elephant in the background, but not too excited because that might be the only picture of a zoo animal you see! :)

Our attempt at a family picture in front of an elephant statue.

And my favorite "zoo animals!"

On the tram ride around the zoo. It was a long wait, but we really enjoyed it and got to see a lot of animals!

Allison watching the seal show.

Hannah is nowhere to be found in this picture because she is pouting, but this elf thing was probably her favorite part of the zoo. The big blue thing in the background is a huge trampoline and the "elves" did all sort of tricks, including walking up a wall and a palm tree!

Oh wait, you can almost see a giraffe in this picture! The baby giraffe was running around and Hannah and Allison thought it was GREAT!

Christmas continutes.... California!!!

On the plane to LA!

Look at those super fancy shoes from Nana and Papa!!!

Mommy and Camille :)

Super neat bunk beds in the hotel room!

The Start of Christmas

We had a super busy Christmas-time! Here's what we were up to... (part 1!)

We made treats for our neighbors and friends.

Opened some presents at home.

Hopped in the car for a LONG drive to CO (by way of Carroll and Waukee, IA)

Pit stop in the middle of NE!

We made it and enjoyed the beautiful CO weather (although Hannah thought there should be SNOW for Christmas until...

Santa brought her a bike and she got to ride it around outside!

Miss Alli with at Grandma's house!

My beautiful girls!