Monday, January 28, 2008

It has started!

I knew the day would come eventually, and now it is here...
Hannah LOVES to be helpful (most of the time) and is great at taking her diaper to the trash, her clothes to the hamper, even mom and dad's clothes! So I have enjoyed her help. She even gets really excited when she eats string cheese because she gets to throw the wrapper away! Anyhow, I've been warned, and always anticipated the day when the trash can becomes more fun than it needs to be. She's been so good up to this point at not using the trash can for more than trash...but in the last couple of days I have caught her deciding on her own that a few new things belong in the trash. First was her plate and spoon after dinner. She was busy taking it to the kitchen, and ended up making a stop off at the trash can instead. Then, she thought that her pajamas belonged in the trash along with her diaper. The other day she went and got the mail and proceeded to throw some of it away...luckily just the "You're pre approved!" junk mail! All of these things seems pretty reasonable once I think about it...we scrape the plates off in the trash before the sink, the diaper goes in the trash, so maybe pjs there makes one less stop, and the mail, well, that usually goes in there, too!
We'll see what comes next. As long as we don't leave anything too important and/or valuable where she will find it we should be safe. It is amazing how smart they really are. It makes me realize how much she learns from watching Nate and I!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winter Fun!

So for about the past week it has been COLD here!!! Not only has it been cold, but also windy. When they tell me that with the wind chill it will be -20 to -35, I am staying inside! Since Sunday afternoon it has been snowing slowly and this morning when we woke up it was so pretty outside! It finally wasn't so windy (happy day!) and so we decided it was time to play outsite.

Hannah had to try out one of her Christmas presents, a blow up sled! She was pretty excited. She was all ready and sitting in her sled long before I was ready myself.

We didn't stay outside for long (it is still in the single digits out there), but I think that Hannah had a smile on her face the WHOLE time!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


We really enjoyed our time in CO for Christmas. It always seems like those trips go by so fast! It was nice to have a white you can see from the pictures, and luckily we drove back the day after Christmas because they got even more snow on Thursday.
Hannah was at a great age for Christmas this year. She was into opening her presents (and everybody else's) and she also got excited about her gifts. I was a little concerned because our first few days in CO were not the most enjoyable due to Hannah's lack of a normal routine combined with her new found ability to throw a tantrum whenever and wherever. Luckily, by Christmas day we had things a little more under control and Hannah had a great day!

Here she is outside helping dad, uncle Greg, and grandpa shovel the snow on Christmas.
And the close up. She is not cold, and definitely not ready to come inside. Can you tell? Here is what Christmas looks like at the Pettitt's. This isn't even everybody who was there, just the people who fit in the picture.
And here is our family picture for Christmas 2007!

Pre-Christmas update

First a post with a few pics from before Christmas.

This is about our only pic of Hannah with Santa...not a great one, but oh well. Hannah was afraid of Santa, so there was no sitting on his lap, and then she wouldn't look at the camera, so I'm trying to get her attention...whatever!

During our trip to CO we got to see some of our friends! We miss our friends!!! Anyways, we were able to see the Goodells and the Fairbanks. Some days I still think how nice it would be to live like just down the street from these families!.

Here's Jeff with Kambria and Hannah...Caden was being a sleepy head.

And later on Hannah was giving Caden a hug. He's not quite sure what's going on.

And here is Hannah at Grandma and Grandpa's surfing on her present...she was supposed to be opening it. The one time she doesn't try to open the present is when she is supposed to. Imagine that!