Monday, October 25, 2010

4 months old!

Miss Camille is already 4 months old! It really is crazy how fast time goes by! Just for fun, I rounded up some similar pictures of the other girls at about 4 months old and compared their "stats" at 4 months. Who do you think she looks like?


24 inches, 13 lbs

26 inches, 15 lbs 14 oz.


25.5 inches, 14 lbs

So, she seems to be the peanut of the bunch! Her personality reminds us a lot of Hannah....which could make things interesting! We sure do love having Camille in our family. She is such a good sleeper and she LOVES to smile! Her smile is contagious and her dimple is just adorable. She is a busy little girl. She started rolling over the week before her 4 month "birthday", a trick that the other girls didn't do until their 4th and 5th months. We love to hear her giggle and she thinks her big sisters are just hilarious! We love you Camille!


Nate recently celebrated a birthday....he's getting really close to being 30! Here is his a pink polka dot bag and all. That's what you get when you live in a house full of girls!

And the beautiful cake he got from my mom. YUM!
We also celebrated our niece Kiara's birthday with all of the family. Here are all of the kids!

Grace and Camille; Hannah showing off her hula-hoop skills (she is REALLY good!)

While we were at Tiff's house for the birthday get-together, Miss Camille rolled over, and then rolled over, and rolled over again. I think her grand total ended up being like 10 times....every time she was put on the ground! She had rolled once from her tummy to her back the week before, but it was by accident and she wasn't sure what she had done. This time she was rolling from her back to her tummy....and she certainly has it figured out. Seriously, this was the week before she turned 4 months old!

Pumpkin time!

Like we have done the past few years, we went to Deal's Orchard's Fall Festival. Surprisingly it was almost HOT that day (mid 80s!). Last year there was snow on the ground. So we enjoyed the warm fall weather to pick our pumpkins! Nate's family also went, but somehow I didn't end up with a group photo of everybody :(

Hay ride to pick out our pumpkins and posing with the ones we picked!

I want THAT one!
The hayride back with our perfect pumpkins.

We had to get a family picture in there!

More posing for pictures...

We painted the little pumpkins...we'll see if we get around to carving the big one before this weekend!

Nana and Papa in Iowa!

The first weekend in October my dad and step mom came to visit us in Iowa! We had lots of fun and the weather was perfect while they were here. Here are some pictures of our adventures with Nana and Papa.

Playing at the ISU campus

Playing at our house!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Summer picture wrap-up!

Here are a whole bunch of pictures that I didn't blog about while they happened, but are all things that I want to remember...

Family trip to the Winter Quarters temple

Playing at the pool.

We went to pick berries a number of times this summer...the blueberries off the bush were delicious. Allison would not stop eating them!

My little cutie pie!

Some fun times with our friends the Griffiths before they moved! We miss them!

One of our favorite things to do this summer were these free concerts in the park. They had tons of things for the kids to do and it was just fun for us all! Here the girls are showing off their balloon "wings"

Iowa storms...

So it seems like if you live in Iowa, there will be summer storms. This summer was fairly mild....we hardly ever used the basement because of the tornado warnings, etc (which is good because our basement here is not exactly a place that we can stay for long because the owners have the place PACKED with their stuff) But we did have a few exciting weather happenings this summer...This tree is across the street from our front door, and landed where we often park our van (luckily it was NOT there that evening!) Then there was the whole flooding thing. We were fine where we lived, but a lot of Ames was under water. The flooding pictures were taking just a few blocks from our house. The bigger issue was that the flooding washed away some of the underground water mains, draing two of the water towers and making the water unusable for a number of days. It was an interesting experience, but it made us grateful to have water stored!

The tree in our parking space

Flooded basketball court

These are both pictures of the golf is not normally a lake (you can see the red flag on the bottom picture)

And the road also covered in water

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I also forgot to post about Camille's very first vacation! The last weekend in July we headed to Nauvoo with Nate's parents and family and his sister Tiff and her family. We went to see the Joseph Smith Pageant and explore some of the church sites there. It was a quick trip, but we had lots of fun. We got to see the Pageant on Pioneer Day which was kind of neat. BUT, it was super rainy that that made things a bit more challenging. Most of the kids went back to the hotel and I was paranoid about having my 4 week old out in the rain and BUGS! Overall, it was a great trip (minus the crazy bug bites!)

Checking out Old Nauvoo
At Carthage Jail
In Carthage Jail, Allison with cousin Calvin

Cousin Caleb, Sara, and Hannah

Hannah and her baby Camille!

The Nauvoo temple!

Camille's baby blessing

Big surprise, I forgot a few important things that happened in the past few months....that's what happend when you NEVER update your blog!

SO, on August 1, 2010, Miss Camille was given a blessing at church. Nate gave her the blessing with his dad, our stake president, and our bishop in the cirlce. It was such a nice blessing and a lot of it had to do with Camille gaining a testimony and remembering that she is a daughter of God. It was also a neat experience because there were two other babies blessed that day as well. There are LOTS of babies in our ward!!!
Here's the family all ready for church! With Grandma and Grandpa.

And with all of the Pettitts who were able to make it.

Aunt Grace holding Camille Grace

Big eyes :)

Wearing the same gown that I did and that the other girlies wore as well.

Time with Grandma!