Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Erma!

This past Sunday was Nate's great grandma's 95th birthday, so we celebrated over at grandma Eileen's house. Hannah is all excited about birthday's these days. I think partly because we celebrated hers multiple times, and this year she actually thought the parties were pretty fun. We told her once that daddy's birthday was the next one in our family and now she keeps asking about it! The other morning the first thing she said when she got up was "daddy's birthday coming!" Anyways, his birthday is still a few weeks away, but lately she keeps talking about daddy's yummy birthday that must really be why she is excited.

So here is a five generation picture. Great grandma Erma, grandma Eileen, Nate's dad, Nate and his sister Tiff, and then Hannah, Allison, Cameron, Kiara, and Caleb (Tiff's kids) Pretty neat, I never had any great great grandparents around when I was growing up!

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Ryan & Keri said...

Her 95th?! That is so awesome! That's really cool to see the family all together. Unbelievable. And I love that Hannah is getting into the birthdays. You should start celebrating her half birthday too--I actually know a lot of people who do that. Anyway. . .