Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa at the Country Club

Last night was family night at the Country Club and Santa made an appearance! Last year Santa made Hannah cry. She did a little better this year, she sat on his lap, but wouldn't look at him. We had been practicing what she was going to tell him. She decided that she would tell him she wanted a "toy" whatever toy that is, who knows, but she wouldn't talk to him when the time came! Oh well, we got a few pictures anyways!

Decorating cookies!
Eating more frosting than is getting on the cookies!

Hannah being might recognize the headband from an earlier picture (on Allison's head!) Hannah LOVES her daddy!
If you look really close, Alli's tooth is in there! (on the bottom)
Hannah thought she needed to be in a picture, too, so we posed by the Christmas tree!


Janint said...

I'm glad to see that Allison is doing better. Have fun in CO!

Andrews family said...

Way to go, Hannah! Sometimes I think those Santas are scary!

Are you guys going to be in Denver at all for Christmas?? If so we should get together!!

Gabi and Steve said...

Hi Sarah, how are you? Hannah is looking so much bigger lately, and Allison is just a doll :) Hope your family is doing well. We got your X-mas letter, I still haven't done ours, but eventually I will. Have a great week!

Ryan & Keri said...

That is too funny about Hannah not looking at Santa! And Sarah, she looks like a doll. What a beautiful girl! And your Allison is getting all chubbed--I LOVE it! I just need to squish her cheeks and kiss them. It sounds like you guys are enjoying the holidays. It's so much more fun with kids!

AMIT said...

This are very good pics of Santa.
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