Monday, October 12, 2009

Allison's 1st boo-boo

Allison has started to take after her sister these days. I kept hoping she was going to be my quiet, calm child...but now I don't see that happening. I guess I have to remember that my children are half Nate. I also keep telling myself that these wild, crazy, independent, strong-willed, energetic, etc. children will very likely be successful later in life because of these characteristics that most days drive me crazy!

So Allison's latest hobby is climbing. Bookshelves (which she has fallen off of, yet continues to climb), the kitchen table, desks, couches (the backs and arms of the couch), the glass coffee table, pretty much anything dangerous, she climbs! Lovely :) So when we were at grandma's house this weekend, she was climbing the stairs up to their deck and I didn't think much of it (she has pretty much mastered stairs by now). Next thing I know she is on the cement screaming. Luckily she had only fallen 1 step and there wasn't any bleeding...but it sure looked nice for church yesterday! The first of many more to come, I'm sure!


chrissybeagle said...

poor baby! i bet you felt worse then she did! :) shes still beauitful!

ValSterByDe said...

that looks so sad! but sounds like it wasn't that bad. cement sure eats up a little face though

Janint said...

Oh Sarah I'm sorry. But again this is the age of getting in trouble. Spencer is our little monkey! He is climbing everywhere, jumping in all the beds, couches, and making balancing acts in my rocking chair. Pure energy! We just need to keep up whith them. Hope Allison is feeling better!