Saturday, January 29, 2011

Next stop....DISNEYLAND!!!!

On the ride to the front gate of Disneyland. Hannah is showing Papa that Minnie Mouse is on her shirt.
Our first "character" picture....Hannah wouldn't get in the picture!
Hannah and Alli's first ride!

The castle! Hannah is still pouting in the family picture...

The carousel...and look everybody can smile! We even got Nana on a horse!
Tea Cups!

Break time!
Riding "It's a Small World"

Look at the hats! Thanks Nana and Papa!

Checking out Minnie and Mickey's houses.

It was a busy day!!!

Bye Disneyland!

Bye Nana and Papa! Thank you so much-we had a blast!

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Janint said...

Wow! Seems you had a blast! And also a very busy Christmas season!