Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our new home!

 On May 23 we closed on a home in Ames.  After lots of talking and praying we decided that for now Ames is where our home should be.  Nate is working for an accounting firm in Boone (a few miles west of Ames) and is also starting his own business Linked 4 Golf.  Which you can check out at He’s not sure that he really wants to do accounting work full time as a career, and has great hopes of having his own business succeed.  We will see what the future brings, but for now Ames is where we live and we love it.  Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of our house when we first got the keys…how did that happen? Here are the few pictures I took on the day we actually closed.  Our project of the day was not moving our stuff, or packing our old house, but planting our garden! The girls supervised.  See?

And here is our garden later in the summer. We were glad we spent the time to get it planted right away!
Our house is just perfect for our family!  We feel so blessed each day to have a great home, surrounded by wonderful neighbors, a fabulous yard, and it has a garage! There is a little girls who is 3 next door and a boy who is 7 across the street and the girls are loving it! Behind our house is a retirement community and a Jewish Synagogue (which you see in the pictures) so there is a little (never busy) parking lot that the girls love to ride their bikes in.  The lot next to us is also owned by the retirement community so our yard feels even bigger than it is.  Pretty much we love everything about it!

The front...see, a GARAGE and my van fits INSIDE!

The back porch, which is AMAZING for the girlies.  Love it!
And here is Miss Camille at 11 months old J at our old house. She started taking steps at about 10 ½ months, but at this point is still using a combination of walking and crawling. And here are some pictures of our home that I took more recently:


OurNotebook said...

As always I enjoy your posts. I am so jealous that you got to go to Ireland for your birthday. I am sure it was beautiful. Yes, my Dad is the Head football coach at Highlands Ranch High. He has been there for about five/six years not sure the exact year time frame. Did you know the Slaters?

Janint said...

Congratulations on your new home! I haven't read you blog forever. Congrats also to Nate for his graduation and to you for being an amazing woman!