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August 31

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
We couldn’t decide what to do with our day…at first we thought we would head to the Rock of Cashel, then we thought maybe we would stay around Banagher and Birr, and then we ended up going to the Rock of Cashel WITH Sean, Bonnie, and Dee. The Rock of Cashel is a big castle/cathedral that stands on a huge piece of limestone overlooking the city of Cashel. The Castle was the home of the Munster kings and then later given to the church, mostly for political reasons, like the ruler thought his castle would be overtaken anyhow and it would make him look generous. The weather was great!  Our tour guide kept telling us that that normally it would be windy and rainy and not such a fun place, but we had beautiful weather!!! There are 5 different buildings on the Rock.  Cormac’s chapel was built as a private chapel and has beautiful frescos painted on the ceilings. Over the years they had been covered by limewash. Specialists have tried to carefully preserve and uncover part of the paintings, but at this point most of the paintings are still covered. An interesting fact is that the site is still an active burial site.  The site was closed in 1930, so anybody in the town whose name is written in the book in 1930 can still be buried there, but nobody else. There was just a burial a few weeks ago, but there are only 7-8 people still left who can be buried there. We headed back down the hill and had to stop in the Cashel Woolen Shop. We spent a while looking at all of the beautiful sweaters, scarves, and hats in the store.  My mom and I ended up with matching sweaters and Sean bought a shawl for Bonnie and a sweater for himself.  The shop owner was super friendly and helpful.  She was tickled that we were buying things and kept giving us free things!!! She ended up giving me a pink scarf to go with my sweater and my mom got some cookies and marmalade….it made me smile! J We headed back home to Banagher to grab a bite to eat.  As we were getting all of the food out, the power went out! So much for making dinner! We ate some cheese and crackers and my mom, Sean, Bonnie and I headed out to Ballinasloe to Au Tain to listen to Rae play some traditional Irish music at what they call a “session” where local musicians get together and play music. Max and Phyllis Boller where there with Honor and Padraic Colohan. We had a nice time visiting and relaxing…but it made for another late night-IMAGINE THAT!

Rock of Cashel

Grandma, Mom, Dee, Bonnie, and me! (wearing a shirt that disappeared  during our trip...and I could use it now to cover up my growing belly!)
Sean, Rae, and Bonnie

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