Thursday, June 28, 2012

Greg and Katie come to visit

 My brother Greg just finished up his Masters program in May and is headed to Boston to start his new job!  He and his girlfriend Katie drove from CO to MA this past weekend and the stopped and spent a day with us.  It ended up being kind of a rainy day so we went bowling (Hannah and Camille both got strikes and Allison got a number of spares!).  I actually bowled really well for about the first 7 frames (as in I was tied with Nate who is a professional at about everything he does) and then ....I'm blaming the baby...she must have moved around in there... I lost all of my bowling abilities!  Allison was super excited because she had visitors on her REAL birthday! Greg came with gifts from Grandma Deb and Grandpa Tom and also a few fun things he came across while he was cleaning out his the train set that Hannah loves and a lovely recorder which is already banished to the basement or outside. Thanks for spending the day with us!!!

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