Sunday, February 10, 2013

December Catch-up

A few fun memories from December 2012!

Allison reading to baby Emma
Sleeping beauties
Emma's stocking (w/o her name yet)...made by mommy!

 Just my cute girls!  Allison's favorite spot is on this hippo pillow. And Camille LOVES her baby!

Having fun!

Playing OUTSIDE on December 13...without IOWA!!! Crazy! We loved it!

 December 16 Nate and Camille made a trip to the ER.  She wouldn't move her arm after church.  The story: we were all getting ready to leave and Nate disappeared while we were all trying to get out to the car.  Everyone starts running like crazy (big surprise there!).  I've got the baby and one free hand, so I catch Camille before she runs down the hall. In her protesting, she falls, but I didn't let go because I didn't want her to land on her face.  She cried (not unusual) but then kept complaining about her arm...which I at first didn't pay much attention to because when you are 2 years old and miss your nap because of afternoon church there is not much right in the world!  The verdict: Nursemaid Elbow. Once her arm was back into place she was just fine. Then she continued telling everyone that "Mom did the church building!"  Thanks Camille!  :)

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