Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ice Skating

LAST summer the girls participated in the library's summer reading program and could either earn a pass to the library's pool party or a pass to the ice arena. We had a ward temple trip scheduled the day of the pool party, so we ended up with the wonderful opportunity to go ice skating (insert a bit of sarcasm here).  The girls thought some of their time was great, but trying to manage 4 little girls on ice skates when only one of them is really competent is just a bit tricky! Hannah had fun the whole time.  Allison enjoyed it once she got a push cart. Free skate was during Camille's nap time (she looks happy in these pictures...they were during the first 30 minutes of us being there :) Emma was not phased one bit by the whole ordeal! Maybe we will try again, in a few years or with more helpers!

Emma thought ice skating was great fun, can you tell?
We have a great daddy!!!

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