Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to Nate!

So the past few days have been super fun...

On Saturday we went to Deal's Orchard with Nate's family. They had all sorts of food, apples and cider, music, games, horses, hay rides, and PUMPKINS! Hannah had a great time playing with the pumpkins and dancing to the music! I'll see if I can figure out how to post a video clip, but for now, here are some pics...
Hannah with her pumpkin that she picked with daddy, making her face of the day.

Hannah trying to figure out what all of these pumpkins are for!

Time to pose for a family photo!

It was a lot of hard work (and all during her regular nap time)

On Sunday, Nate's family came over for birthday dessert, and they brought a little present for him. Very appropriate!

Yesterday, Nate's birthday, we made a trip to Omaha to go to the zoo! Here's Hannah in the car on the way, trying to keep herself entertained...I had to post this one because you can really see her FANGS on top! :) Still no teeth in the front!
We stopped to eat our picnic near the Winter Quarters Temple, so we went inside the visitor's center. Here Hannah is helping dad out with the hand cart.

We finally made it to the zoo! The weather wasn't the best, but that meant that we about had the place to ourselves. Hannah's favorite parts of the zoo were the underwater tunnel in the aquarium and playing in the "garden of the senses." She probably liked both of these the best because she got to run around!

Here is Hannah in the garden sitting with a big monkey!

And smelling a flower! I love it, I've been trying to teach her this all summer!
Happy Birthday, Nate!!!

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Eliza said...

Happy Birthday Nate! I am glad you guys got to go to the zoo. It is funt o see how excited the kids get FINALLY!! I LOVE the picture of Hannah smelling the flower. I wish kambria would do that...new task for mom I guess...;o)