Friday, October 5, 2007

A Play Day!

So lately Nate has actually been getting two days off of work per week. Amazing! Anyways, so the last few weeks he has had Sunday AND Monday off, and Hannah and I are sure enjoying it! This last Monday we had another play day with dad. We were trying to enjoy the nice weather, so we went to the park. Hannah went down the slide for the first time! She wasn't sure about it at first, but after a few tries, she thought it was very fun! While we were at the park, we also got to play with Chloe. We forgot her ball to play catch, but we found a frisbee that somebody else left. Apparently Chloe will chase anything. She's such a fast dog, and she just wants to run and play!

Yesterday Hannah was helping mom make cookies. She finally realized that this particular cabinet is not locked shut. Cans are very fun to take out of the cabinet, except that she has also recently gotten into throwing everything...not so good for canned foods. She went back to playing quietly on the ground after she dropped a can on her toes. OUCH!Yesterday Hannah also got her first real "boo boo" right between her eyes. Usually in the mornings Hannah wakes up earlier than I am ready to get up (it is still dark out!) and so we typically get her out of her crib and bring her into our room where she runs around like crazy. Her morning routine consists of trying to get into the dog's cage and play in the water, taking any books off our nightstands that she can get her hands on, finding clothes in the closet or folded in a laundry basket to play peek-a-boo with, turning onto the CD player and dancing to the music, and trying to get at the cell phones. She is always SO full of energy as soon as she wakes up! Anyways, while she was trying to get at the cell phones on the nightstand, and acting crazy all at the same time, when she tripped and fell. Falling happens all the time, but she hit her nose on our bed frame (which is really for a full sized bed even though we have a queen...that's the biggest problem) Oh well! She didn't even bruise, which is nice, and although she has a scab now, there was not any bleeding. I'm sure there will be many more scrapes and bruises to come!Imagine that... a whole post about Hannah! One last thing that happened this week, Hannah has finally started using her baby sign language all the time. For a while she's been signing "milk" but mostly only when she thought it was convenient. "All done" she also thought was fun. Just this week she finally figured out "more" and it is so cute! Her version looks more like she is calling a time out-Nate's convinced she's destined to be an athlete! She has been getting so excited that she can tell me what she wants (even if sometimes she gets confused and thinks "milk" is any type of food and that "more" means she is hungry) Can you tell she likes to eat!?

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ValSterBy said...

So fun that you have a whole day to play with daddy!
I love the baby signs, it is so great that they can tell you what they want (Shelby mostly signs for food too). She has more and all done down good, now, when I tell her to "say" please, showing the sign, she just does the sign for more... we'll get it.
-The Holmans