Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Craziness

Sometimes things are too convenient!

So last year at Christmas we gave all the grandparents and great-grandparents little photo albums with some pictures of Hannah in them. The idea was that we would send them pictures throughout the year to fill them up (which I tried to do, although the pics usually got there like 3-6 months after they were taken) Anyways, so for Christmas we had some "real" pics of hannah taken that we were giving to family as well as a bunch more pics that we had taken from home.

Wal-mart has been super convenient about pics...I can download them at home, choose them, order them, and then go pick them up in the store. All very nice to do from home when you have an over active 15 month old. Last time I ordered pics, I had them sent to CO, because I was going there and could deliver them to family while I was there and not forget to pack them, etc, etc. SO this time, I spend all this time looking through the pics, choosing them, etc, etc, order them, get an email that they are ready in the store, and when I go to pick them up they aren't there. They are in COLORADO, where I had pictures sent last time. Very nice, huh? At least we will be going there in a little over a week, I guess everybody (except for my mom and stepdad's parents, who are the only one's in CO now) will get their Christmas presents late. Sorry!

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