Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rice Krispies and shoes

Lately Hannah has two new favorite things...Rice Krispies and shoes. I still don't know why I didn't think of rice krispies earlier. Maybe because only about half of them make it into her mouth, especially when she tries to use her spoon! Anyways, while I was pregnant with Hannah I guess you could call Rice Krispies my "craving." I never made Nate run out and buy some in the middle of the night, but about every morning I had a bowl for breakfast and at least another bowl sometime during the day for a snack. I'm not sure there is a whole lot of nutritional value to puffed rice, but at least there is some calcium in the milk, right? I'm sure somebody somewhere claims that a mother's cravings during pregnancy result in the child's liking for something, and so far this is totally true in our case! She'll finish one bowl and then another and then another. She goes to the cabinet where we keep the cereal and ask for more during the day, etc., etc. Silly girl!Hannah has also always enjoyed putting her shoes on. Well, at least she likes the idea of putting her shoes on. Usually she will get all excited, run over to me, sit down, and then start running off before I even get a sock on. Lately she also thinks it if fun to put other people's shoes on. If she doesn't find any shoes around the house, she runs to mom's shoes and starts pulling them out of the closet. Although sometimes it is nice to just have her entertain herself for a few minutes, I wish she understood the concept of putting things back a little better!
Hannah found dad's shoes in the kitchen. She gets so proud of herself when she manages to put both shoes on!
Hannah being such a big girl and trying to put on her own shoes. She gets so excited when she finds her shoes in the house.
This is Hannah on Thanksgiving wearing Aunt Kristen's high heel shoe. She kept walking around on the wood floors and you would hear "clop, clop, clop" throughout the house. Hannah's foot isn't quite as big as Uncle Kirby's yet!

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Tiffany, Joe and Bailee said...

I can't believe how big Hannah has gotten and so cute to! Hope you guys are all doing well!