Thursday, January 3, 2008


We really enjoyed our time in CO for Christmas. It always seems like those trips go by so fast! It was nice to have a white you can see from the pictures, and luckily we drove back the day after Christmas because they got even more snow on Thursday.
Hannah was at a great age for Christmas this year. She was into opening her presents (and everybody else's) and she also got excited about her gifts. I was a little concerned because our first few days in CO were not the most enjoyable due to Hannah's lack of a normal routine combined with her new found ability to throw a tantrum whenever and wherever. Luckily, by Christmas day we had things a little more under control and Hannah had a great day!

Here she is outside helping dad, uncle Greg, and grandpa shovel the snow on Christmas.
And the close up. She is not cold, and definitely not ready to come inside. Can you tell? Here is what Christmas looks like at the Pettitt's. This isn't even everybody who was there, just the people who fit in the picture.
And here is our family picture for Christmas 2007!

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Christy said...

it looks like you guys had a great christmas, how lucky you were to get to play in so much snow!