Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pre-Christmas update

First a post with a few pics from before Christmas.

This is about our only pic of Hannah with Santa...not a great one, but oh well. Hannah was afraid of Santa, so there was no sitting on his lap, and then she wouldn't look at the camera, so I'm trying to get her attention...whatever!

During our trip to CO we got to see some of our friends! We miss our friends!!! Anyways, we were able to see the Goodells and the Fairbanks. Some days I still think how nice it would be to live like just down the street from these families!.

Here's Jeff with Kambria and Hannah...Caden was being a sleepy head.

And later on Hannah was giving Caden a hug. He's not quite sure what's going on.

And here is Hannah at Grandma and Grandpa's surfing on her present...she was supposed to be opening it. The one time she doesn't try to open the present is when she is supposed to. Imagine that!

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