Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just a few pictures

Here is my little Hannah with her daddy. This is one of her favorite times...snuggling with daddy after her bath. For some reason, she won't sit with me like this AT ALL. Sometimes it isn't fair. She is definitely a daddy's girl. Hopefully that comes in handy when I have a new baby to take care of!
And here's my tummy. My step mom was giving me a hard time because I haven't taken any pictures up until this point and when I was pregnant with Hannah we were always taking pictures. I figure pictures of the a real baby instead of just a huge tummy are more exciting! Anyways, in this picture I'm about 31-32 weeks pregnant...still a few months to go! I'm still feeling good, although most days I wish that Hannah would take another nap around 3-4 in the afternoon. I could usually use one!

From the weekend:

Hannah posing with Aunt Kristen and Uncle Kirby as the get ready to head to prom. Can you see her in there?
Hannah helping her cousin Caleb open his b-day presents. He is 2 already!


ValSterBy said...

cute pictures... your belly looks so cute, but i hear what you're saying about baby vs belly pictures.

Eliza said...

Cute Post! Glad to hear you are still feeling well. By the way, I LOVE the dress Hannah is wearing in the last picture! WAY cute!

Lund Family said...

You guys look great! I am so excited for the new baby to come. I hope you get some rest.

Shannon And Tyler said...

54 Days, that is exciting for you guys! But you guys look good and ready for a new kid. Good luck!!