Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our trip to CO!

Happy day, we got to go to CO! My friend from high school just got married on Sat. and Nate's brother Kirby just started school at CSU, so we decided that we had a few good excuses to make the trip to Colorado and visit family while we were at it! We had a great time and celebrated Hannah's birthday while we were there. We celebrated Hannah's birthday early last year in CO, too, but at least this time it was only like a week and a half early! It was the only way that we could see most of the people we wanted to on such a short trip. Thanks grandma for making Hannah's party happen! This is one post of like a million that I FIALLY got around to today...if you have time you can look at them all (you're not done til you've seen Hannah's 1st haircut!)

Daddy and his girls at the Denver Temple

Hannah admiring the water fountain the the Temple

Reading with grandpa

The birthday cake, thanks grandma!!!

Hannah getting ready to blow out the candles!

The Lund family with Hannah and Kambria

Opening presents

Trying to share, but not really wanting to.

Cutie pie Allison!

Kim and her dad walking down the aisle

Chowing down at the reception on veggie dip!

Dancing with daddy

After our trip this is what our new church building looks like...they've been working hard!


Janint said...

That cake it's just cute! I'm glad you had a nice visit in CO. Welcome home!

Ryan & Keri said...

Yea for fun trips to Colorado! I'm so glad that you could come for Kim's wedding and spend the birthday with your family. I LOVE the cake your mom made--so DARLING!!! And your girls look so darling! I especially love the pic of Baby Allison (I know I'm spelling her name wrong.) in her little bonnet/hat. You have a beautiful family, Sarah!

Gabi and Steve said...

Hi Sarah, how are you? I love Hannah's little bangs, and the veggie dip picture is so cute :) It's fun to get away sometimes! Hope everything is going well with your family,