Friday, July 17, 2009

Already 1!!!

I can't believe my baby is one! It sure seems like time flew by even faster the second time around!

A few tidbits about Miss Alli...

~She LOVES to smile and laugh...especially at her sister!

~She is soooo snuggly!

~Eating is one of her talents!

~Although she eats anything is sight, and a lot of it, she still think she needs her mommy, a LOT!

~She thinks paper is for shredding...toilet paper is her favorite!

~But she loves books, and doesn't tear them up

~Has become rather opinionated! Which also means she is getting rather loud!!!

~She is getting pretty talkative, although prefers 1 syllable words (mom and dad are the most frequent) Yelling MOM during church seems to be a favorite lately.

~She does a great job using her baby signs (especially MILK)

~She is my laundry helper...take clothes out and put them back

~She is wearing Hannah's clothes that fit her when she turned 2

~She has 8 teeth with two more about to pop through..including 2 molars!

~Started walking just after her birthday and thinks it is great! Her first steps were to get to daddy's cookie!

~Has the cutest curls (finally) starting to grow.

~Is just such a happy baby. We LOVE having her in our home. Happy Birthday baby Alli!

Here are a few pictures of the birthday event...



and I think she better be done!


ValSterByDe said...

happy birthday... she is so cute, and so round! cute cakes!

Matthew said...

but wait. you said she likes to "eat" her food. It looks here, like she likes to "wear" her food. ;) glad she had a great birthday! Miss you guys. Love, Kristi