Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to Ames!

So we moved, Nate FINALLY finished working in Carroll while we were living in Ames, and now he started school!
Here are some pics of what we've been up to this past month. I didn't take any pictures of the packing, moving, unpacking process...maybe because I was hoping to forget about it!? Craziness. Maybe we will learn eventually, but when your husband works at a golf course, you shouldn't plan major life events during the summer, like having a baby last summer or moving!!!
Our new home for the next two years! We were in a bit of a panic for a while because we needed a place to live ASAP as we only had 30 days before we closed on our house. Ames being a college town, has lot of places to rent, but ALL leases start and end Aug. 1st. Not good when you need a place to live June 25! We finally found this place and ended up having more space than I thought we would. It smells a little like moth balls (yuck) but it is starting to go away, finally! Other than that it is great!!! Nate all ready for his first day of graduate school!

Our new outside toy...thanks to craigslist and living in a place where people actually put stuff on craiglist! I am so excited that we have a yard for the girls!

One of our last rides on the golf least for a while!
Nate saying his goodbyes at his going away party at the Country Club And Hannah listening, while drinking her Shirley Temple, or course!

We were in Iowa City for a few days while Nate played in a golf tournament and my mom and grandma flew out to visit us while we were there. We had a great time, maybe next time they will get to see where we are living now!

We also headed to Nauvoo for an afternoon!
Daddy pretending to be a fireman at our block party.
The firetruck that came to the block party...we met some great neighbors!

Hannah's 3rd birthday gift...I love craigslist!!!


Eileen said...

Hi, I have just enjoyed looking at the new blog pictures. Boy what a neat house, can't wait to see it, need an address and directions of course. Wow Hannah way to go your own car now, don't be a crazy driver. Love that Alli, she will love that slide more each time. Hope all is going well. Orv and Arlein were here yesterday p.m and overnight and just left for Nebr. Was so nice to have them, they hadn't been here for yrs and yrs.
Have a wonderful weekend

love you guys, granny

Charmaine @ randalswife said...

Hi Sarah! I'm so glad you guys are here in Ames - and that you found a house! We had that same problem (we moved here in June), but your place looks really cute! Good job!

Ryan & Keri said...

Sarah, glad things are going so well. It looks like a nice place that you are living. I can't believe how much your girls have changed. They're both getting so big. It looks like they're already the best of friends. Hope things continue to go great for your family, and hope Nate does well in grad. school.

Elisa said...

I miss you guys! Looks like your girls are growing up so fast. :-) I'm excited for Nate and grad school, tell him hi for me! I hope all is well and that I get to see you someday before your kids go to college. :-) Love you!

Tim and Family said...

That is all so crazy! Glad that you found a place, it looks so cute!!! I can't believe how big your girls are getting! Don't you just love craigslist!