Monday, September 21, 2009

Hannah is 3!!! and some other random stuff :)

I can't believe that we've been parents for 3 years already! Time goes by so fast sometimes! Well I don't know about this last week...our first week and a half of having a three year old has been filled with way too much Hannah drama! I think she saved her tantrums for the terrible 3s! Hopefully it is just a stage :)

Here is my Hannah being silly with the cake that she helped to decorate. She had to have the SAME butterfly on her cake that Alli had on hers. Silly girl. And then a sweet one.
Eating the cake on Labor day. We celebrated Hannah's b-day with all the family on Labor Day along with like 4 other birthdays. Crazy! The family Labor Day softball game...and yes, that is corn surrounding the field! We DO live in Iowa! Lots of fun and lots of people, perfect weather!

Some more of our Labor Day weekend festivities. Hannah and her cousin Caleb doing the limbo at the skating rink. Too cute..I love it!

Blowing out the candles a few days later on her real b-day. Sporting her Iowa State Cyclone gear. Unfortunately they didn't "beat Iowa."

Hannah went to her first gymnastics class on Sat...she loved it! She wouldn't let me help...typical Hannah...but she did a great job and made it all the way across by herself!

And we have to get a few of Miss Allison. This is her face lately, usually combined with folded arms and a big pout session. At least she makes me laugh when she pouts!
What a cutie pie!


chrissybeagle said...

they r 2 cute!! did u bake decorate that cake yourself?? if so, you r a pro! n should go into business!! how did you get it so tall??!

Sarah and Nate said...

I did make the cake (well the first one pictured) and it is just two cakes stacked on top of each other. Hannah helped me decorate...don't you love her squiggles!?!? Really my mom is the pro, and I just make things up as I go along :)

ValSterByDe said...

we are experiencing some of the sass that comes with being 3... if you find any tricks along the way, share!
and miss Ali is adorable, does she have curls?

Matthew said...

Sarah, I wish you guys were closer! The pictures are adorable. It's funny how much I think of you when I see pictures of Hannah, especially doing her gymnastics. :) Miss you LOTS. Love, Kristi

Janint said...

What great family memories you are creating with your little girls!