Saturday, July 14, 2012

An Eventful 4th of July!!!

This year we had a pretty busy 4th of July!!!  It actually started on the evening of the 3rd, when Ames had their fireworks. There was a full moon AND it was my due date so I had high hopes that maybe out little one would make her appearance...but she didn't!

 Then the morning of the 4th we went to a church activity of pancakes at the park...which meant that we played in the sand (who needs a beach when you have a volleyball pit!?)

Then we braved the parade...and it was HOT (like a heat index of 105-110). I found a spot in the shade and didn't move! The girls had fun at least!

Then it was time to play in the pool to keep cool.  These girls are silly!!!

Then Nate and I went a bought some clearance plants for our yard...and then we had a BABY!!!

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