Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1st House Project

August 2013
We moved in the very last part of June and by the beginning of August, we had our first project under way. The deck on the back of the house was a little bit silly because the stairs came strait down to where you exit the basement. So not only did the stairs scare me with little people around, but it made getting from the basement to the yard a little bit tricky. The house also faces north, so the back yard gets full time sun during the day. We built the girls a sand box under the new stairs (in the shade) and also made a patio out front, where there is some actual shade during the day!
The before picture of the deck and stairs

Flash loved this pile of sand!

The front patio (there used to be some random bushes here)

New back patio and stairs in progress

We added a pergola

Finally a place for the hammock!

The finished product (after staining it this spring)

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