Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Science Center

 July 2013
Now that we are in the Des Moines area, we bought a membership for the zoo, science center, and living history farms. Here's our first trip to the science center and it won't be out last!  The girls had a blast!  I'm thinking it will be a great place to visit in the middle of winter and we can't play outside!

 One of the local new stations broadcasts their noon weather from the science center with the help of the kids who are there. Hannah, Allison and Camille all got to be on the news and we even got it touch with Nate so he could turn on the TV at work quickly to see them.
Can you spot them? Camille's in the front row in polka dots and Hannah and Allison are right behind her with big smiles! :)

Hannah's domino train.

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