Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A future golfer?

Life at the golf course is finally starting to slow down, and so Hannah had the opportunity to go to the driving range. She's always been a big fan of driving around the course on a golf cart and playing in the pro shop, but she hasn't had very many chances to play golf.

The results...

sorting golf balls is fun

moving them from one basket to the next
carrying the golf balls around

and stealing them from dad

but she wanted nothing to do with hitting a golf ball with a club. Don't worry, dad tried! Hannah decided that picking up the golf balls, throwing them, chasing after them, etc. was much more fun! (I don't know if it blame her :)

Hannah even got her first driving lessons out at the course.
Hannah was also a big helper yesterday when dad and mom were playing in the year planting a new tree and a few bushes. Kids seem to have some sort of magnetic attraction to dirt. I still don't understand why it is to much fun!
Nate also had a fun evening last night. He went bowling as a sub for his uncle's league team and had a good time. He called home to tell me that he didn't bowl very well (only like 139, 141 and 159) which are all scores way above my bowling average, but that he was going to stay and bowl three more games to help him establish an average for when he bowls again next week. When he gets home he tells me that his last game he bowled a 210!! Then he proceeds to tell me that that is not even his best ever, one time he bowled a 224. I guess when you grow up in Carroll, you maybe spend more time at the bowling alley than I did in CO, but still, that is not fair! He is just too coordinated for me...hopefully Hannah inherits some of Nate's talents!


Christy said...

i'm sure that hannah will be an excellent golfer! sarah, isn't fun to watch you husband with you children? i love watching dustin spend time with david.

Eliza said...

Sounds like you all had a lot of fun spending "time with daddy." I think this blog thing is so much FUN to keep in touch in an informal way! Hannah is just getting so big! It is hard to believe the girls are already one huh?

Debbie said...

Hannah sure does love organizing her golf balls. Watch out! There is a golf scholarship in her future. She is just too smart and cute.
Love, Mom/Grandma