Thursday, September 20, 2007

Quick recap

Ok, so for those of you who we have really struggled keeping in touch with, here is a short recap of the last 8 or so months...

Last December we came back to Carroll to visit Nate's family. While here, we heard that the Carroll Country Club needed a general manager, Nate interviewed, got the job, and then after hours and hours of talking about it and many many prayers, we decided to take the job. So now we live in's a picture of our house, which I LOVE!

Iowa is really cold during the winter, but we survived. Since January, we got a dog, Chloe. She is a labradoodle (half poodle, half lab) She is great with Hannah, but she really likes to chase rabbits and squirells. We just installed an underground dog fence, and are now in the process or training her. Hopefully it works!!!

Hannah has been growing non-stop. She also now moves non-stop. She started walking like two months ago and seems to have endless energy.

We've made a few trips to Arizona and to Colorado to visit family. Hannah is usually a really good traveller.

Most recently Hannah celebrated her first birthday. She actually had two parties, lucky girl! One in CO at the beginning of August (just a little early) and another one here in Iowa just a few days before the big day (Sept. 10) My mom made the trip out to Iowa, it was great to see her!

Hannah and Kambria

Hannah and Caden after the party

Party #2 in Iowa:

Hannah's pretty cake (thanks to grandma!)



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Christy said...

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