Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our Little Vampire

Hannah finally decided to get a few more teeth. At the end of last week she got her second fang in. I had given up on her ever getting any more teeth. She's had the bottom two for 3 months now, with no signs of any more. Last Sunday, Nate's dad thought he spotted a new tooth in her mouth, and sure enough it was! Part of the problem was that I wasn't looking for a tooth on the side of her mouth, normal kids get them in front first, right? So now she has two teeth in on the top finally, one on either side of where her two front teeth would be. We will just have to find her a vampire costume for Halloween to complete the outfit!!! We'll post a picture when her teeth are a little more visible!

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ValSterBy said...

that is so cute! I have heard of that happening to one other baby, I think a baby vampire would be adorable. It is so fun to be kept posted on all your happenings!
-The Holmans