Tuesday, March 11, 2008

18 months...finally!!!

So yesterday was Hannah's official 18 month birthday. What a big girl! She really has changed a lot recently. She is becoming much more coordinated lately. She has been practicing to be the Easter bunny and is jumping all over the house and loves to throw and kick balls. Toys and sippy cups also seem to be great objects to throw :( but she does have surprisingly good aim. She must be a Pettitt after all! I can't wait until it is warm and she can use all of this energy outside! She also thinks that she knows how to talk. She has always been pretty vocal, but in about the last month or two she talks about EVERYTHING! Luckily she is starting to have more real words that she can use. She tries to repeat just about anything we tell her and she gets so proud of herself when her words come out the way she hopes. When her words don't sound much like words she still wants us to understand and is becoming a pro at becoming frustrated with us. Sorry Hannah!

18 months also means nursery time at church. The wonderful Primary Pres. let Hannah go to nursery on Sun (technically a day early) and she loved it. So did mom and dad! All that I can say is I hope the next one doesn't learn how to walk so early! Hopefully with the addition of play time during church Hannah will start to behave more calmly while I have her!

Happy 1.5 birthday Hannah!

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ValSterBy said...

so big! happy 1/2 birthday Hannah