Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Ok, so Shannon tagged me forever I'm finally getting around to it! This one is about Nate and I. Enjoy!

Where did you go on your first date? Officially, I'm not sure. We went sledding the day before Valentine's and I haven't gotten rid of him since. On Valentine's (since we both weren't really expecting to have a Valentine) we set up fondue for Jason and Bryan to suprise Erica and Eliza.
How long have you been together? A little over 4 years
Who eats more? Nate, although lately I've been keeping up better than usual :)
Who said I love you first? Nate did
Who is taller? Nate
Who sings better? Nate, I wish that I was a better singer. Slowly I'm improving :)
Who does the laundry? I'm really good at starting laundry, and then usually it sits all day and before we go to bed he helps put it away.
Who pays the bills? He does
Who mows the lawn? Nate...if you would take a look at the huge hill in our yard, you would know why!
Who cooks dinner? I do usually. I kinda like trying new things (and he's good about eating them!) Then he always does a good job cleaning up my mess afterward
Who drives when you are together? He does
Who is more stubborn? Tough question, but probably Nate
Whose parents do you see the most? His, definitely!
Who kissed who first? He kissed me
Who proposed? He did at the Winter Quarters Temple
Who is more sensitive? Depends, but probably m e
Who has more friends? Neither one of us have tons of is hard to keep in touch with everybody! Nate does seem to know everybody here in Carroll, though!
Who has more siblings? Nate, no competition there!
Who wears the pants in the family? We are a pretty good team. He'd tell you that he just does what I say :)

I tag Eliza, Tammy, and Dre!

By the way, we had a great Easter. I'll post about it once I get pics downloaded!


ValSterBy said...

these taggings are kind of a pain to fill out, but I love reading everyone else's...
Thanks for the offer to stay with you! wish we would have thought of asking!, we'll definitely keep it in mind for next time.

Andrews family said...

I must say, I (and I'm sure Eliza would agree) was sure glad you guys snuck in and set up that fondue for us for V day... it was such a wonderful day!! Looks like all of us made out pretty well because of it. : ) Hope you guys are doing well!

Eliza said...

I do agree Erica...that Valentine's day was amazing and it has now become our tradition dinner for v-day!!!

Cant wait to do the tag and see your the way, can we come see you?

Gabi & Steve said...

Hi Sarah, it's Gabi. Just wanted to see how you are doing. Hannah is a cutie! When is your due date? Is it a boy or girl?
Have a great week :)