Monday, March 3, 2008

San Diego

More pics from our trip. Unfortunately when I got home and downloaded them I realized that there seemed to be a blurry spot in all of our pictures from about half way through our trip and on. Sure enough there was a nice greasy fingerprint on the lens :( I can't imagine whose greasy sunscreen finger could have put its mark on my camera (Hannah!) but some of our pictures are still fairly decent. Oh well!
Sea World. Yay for Shamu!!!
Hannah waiting for the dolphin show to start.Sometimes sleep can't wait, even when you are at Sea World.

San Diego temple...beautiful!!! (even with a fingerprint over daddy)

At the beach with daddy

Loving the water


christy said...

i so jealous to see you in short sleeved shirts and flip flops. i long for warm weather. i am sure that you guys loved it!! it sounds like you have had just as much snow and for as long as we have here. looks like you had a fun trip!

Eliza said...

Way cute pics! I cant wait to figure our plans out so we can come visit you guys!!! I miss you and seeing the girls play are you finding out what your having? I hope to but we will have to see once I go to the doctors and see what they see. we are doing what you did with hannah...government!!!