Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Congratulations Kirby!

This past weekend has been a big weekend for Nate's brother, Kriby. He finished his high school golfing career with a state title and he graduated/has his huge graduation party.

Here's Kirby smiling for the newspaper cameraman (obviously not me) with his 1st place medal around his neck on Sat. He ended up winning by 6 shots...not really even close! Good thing he won because Nate, Ben, and Wade (Kirby's three older brothers) also all won the state golf title. Jace and Gabe, the next boys in line, have some big shoes to fill. Luckily they have a few years to practice. Right now they are only 7 and 5 years old. It was pretty exciting to be there to watch, even if trying to keep Hannah quiet is sometimes torture.
Sunday was Kirby's graduation. I was sure glad it wasn't as long as my high school graduation...their class was like 1/4 (or less) the size of mine! It was really nice because the principal, who was reading the names stopped when he got to Kirby to recognize him for winning state for golf because they had already done all of their end of the year banquets, etc, so he hadn't been recognized yet. If I had known he was going to make a little speech about Kirb, I would have video taped, but oh well. Kirby loved the attention!
Kirby with mom and dad...they've got lots to be proud of!

Kirby with most of the family (Tiff's brother-in-law was getting married so she wasn't there), and only Gabe is pouting. That's pretty good odds. And as you can see, Josie's arm is in a big orange cast, as of Friday night and a go-kart incident.

And lastly Kirby with his older brothers...the Carroll High School state golf champions!
Yesterday was Kirby's graduation party (a huge event in itself.) It is kind of an interesting concept to me...when I graduated it seemed like the party was for other high school friends and mostly family. Maybe some of my parents' friends, but not too many. I think it must be a smaller town thing, and the fact that Nate's parent know like the whole town, but it sure seemed like everybody in town came to the event. It was a busy place to be!

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Eliza said...

Sounds like it was an exciting time! Thnks for the update and the pictures...although we like to see some of Hannah and you too ;o) But I know how you feel being prego and such...I am the same way! hope all else is well! miss you guys