Saturday, May 31, 2008


So last night Nate finally talked me into golfing with him. I've had golf clubs for a few years now (a birthday gift from Nate) and he got me golf shoes for mother's I figured I better use them. We've been out to hit balls at the range a few times and he'll take me out while he plays and I'll hit a few shots here and there, but this was the real deal...sort of. Over the summer they have leagues; men's league, ladies league, and couples league. So every other Friday night is couples league, and it just so happened that Nate needed another team to have an even total number of teams. That means he volunteered us!
It actually wasn't too bad. The way they do couples leagues is that the men and women alternate hitting the ball. So pretty much Nate can make up for my inability to golf! Anyhow, it was really fun, and I think the golf shoes must have helped because I only completely missed the ball once and most of my shots went forward! Nate tries to tell me women play better when they are pregnant, but I'm thinking maybe like 4-5 months pregnant would be better. He was trying to coach me on my putting, and he kept telling me to stand up straighter...too bad if I stand up more I can't see the ball or swing my club!
Nate thinks he can get me to play for another two times...two weeks from now I can probably handle, and if I'm still pregnant in four then I'll probably be willing to try anything to get this baby to come! I'll try to remember my camera next time. I'm sure watching a 9 month pregnant lady, who doesn't know what she's doing, try to golf is fairly entertaining!

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ValSterBy said...

i can imagine how funny that would be. we just got a wii (thanks for the graduation money, grandma! :) and even just wii golfing was very funny pregnant, I cannot imagine the real deal.