Thursday, June 19, 2008

A few pictures

We've been pretty busy the past week compared to normal...which has been nice since we are still waiting for this baby to come!
We got to go swimming with daddy. I barely fit into a swim suit, but it was nice to have Nate around to chase after Hannah for once.
Nate had me out golfing on Friday...and I took my camera, but forgot to take pictures.
Last Sat. Hannah and I went to a parade with Nate's family in a nearby town (every town has some sort of celebration each year) and Hannah really enjoyed herself. The parade was mostly an excuse to drive a bunch of old tractors, trucks, firetrucks, etc. through town and throw out tons of candy, popcicles, hot dogs, etc. to the crowd. Once Hannah got the idea that candy was coming her way, watch out! She probably ate like her normal two weeks worth of sugar within an hour. Oh well! She was also really excited about the horses. There was only one group of horses, but she was making her horse sounds for like 20 min. and asking for more horses all afternoon.

Hannah also got to go to her first official birthday party (not family related) on Sat. evening. The little girl next door just turned 1 and Hannah thought she needed some help opening her presents, imagine that!
Sunday...Happy Father's Day! We spent the day over with Nate's family (typical for a Sunday afternoon) and had lots of yummy food. We had a great time hanging out with daddy. That is why we love Sundays because it might be our only daddy time of the week! It was also US Open weekend so there was some golf watching happening as well. Tiger Woods wins again!
Monday Josie got her cast off, so we had to stop by and take a picture with her before it came off. Whenever Josie is mentioned Hannah is quick to remind everybody that Josie has an "owie." Having a huge cast on her arm didn't stop Josie from carrying Hannah around wonder she's one of Hannah's favorites!

Tuesday we went to the doctor, again. Nothing new...I'm still pregnant and the baby seems perfectly comfortable where he/she is at. I was hoping that the full moon might have helped, but that's come and gone now. Most likely it will be another two weeks before this baby comes :( I finally gave in and set up a doctor's appointment for the week after my due date. We had to use it last time, but hopefully this time is different!


Eliza said...

Sounds like you are just hanging in there girl! but fun things have been happeneing for you too! So grateful for blogs to see the updats our friends have made! Hopefully all continues to go well. We will see you in about a week and a half!

chrissybeagle said...

You look great! Im suprised youre not just pooped all the time!
Do you need anything??