Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Quick update

So I was released from the hospital today and now we are in Des Moines with our new little one. So far Allison is doing great! Last night they were giving her 70% oxygen to breathe, this morning they were down to 55%, by the time we got here 25% (normal air has about 21%oxygen) and now she is off the oxygen completely. They will do a few more blood tests here shortly to make sure she is doing well without the help of the oxygen, but so far things look promising. Next thing is that we have to get her eating and make sure that her blood oxygen levels stay where they are supposed to be. They will check out her heart tomorrow, but she doesn't show any signs of being in distress because of the murmur. There also seem to be no signs of infection so far, so at this point we are hopefully on track to go home Friday! She's doing such a great job and we can't wait to be able to hold her and act like we really have a new baby!


ValSterByDe said...

congratulations on the arrival. glad everything went so smoothly for you! sorry to hear about the ordeal with Allison... hope she does get to come home on Friday!!! we are remembering you all in our prayers.

Eliza said...

We are thankful for blogs to keep us updated! Glad to know she is doing well and that things are looking up. Hopefully it continues to go well for you all! We are praying for you and will call you friday night sometime to see what we can do to come see you!

Lund Family said...

Congratulations on the new baby! You will be in our prayers. Your family is adorable.