Monday, June 2, 2008


Yesterday was an exciting day here in Carroll, IA. We finally broke ground for our chapel. For all these years the branch has been in rented spaces...a daycare center, most recently some old office type space, but now we are getting a building of our own. So yesterday evening we had a neat little groundbreaking ceremony. Construction should start in the next few weeks, and the plan is that we will move into the building late December or January.

Here is the front of the program for the ceremony. The picture is a drawing of what our actual chapel will look like. It will be so nice! Finally a place that actually looks like a church and a place that has enough space for us!
And a few pictures of Hannah taking her turn with the little shovel...she wanted to help, too.

And the family, with the crazy monkey child in front. Where do they get so much energy from!?!? Do I look as tired as I feel in that picture? Only a few more weeks! least of being pregnant, I guess the tired part doesn't really go away for a while!

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christy said...

how exciting to be getting a real chapel. i have never been to a church groundbreaking of anything. that is a really cool memory for your family!