Saturday, October 23, 2010

Iowa storms...

So it seems like if you live in Iowa, there will be summer storms. This summer was fairly mild....we hardly ever used the basement because of the tornado warnings, etc (which is good because our basement here is not exactly a place that we can stay for long because the owners have the place PACKED with their stuff) But we did have a few exciting weather happenings this summer...This tree is across the street from our front door, and landed where we often park our van (luckily it was NOT there that evening!) Then there was the whole flooding thing. We were fine where we lived, but a lot of Ames was under water. The flooding pictures were taking just a few blocks from our house. The bigger issue was that the flooding washed away some of the underground water mains, draing two of the water towers and making the water unusable for a number of days. It was an interesting experience, but it made us grateful to have water stored!

The tree in our parking space

Flooded basketball court

These are both pictures of the golf is not normally a lake (you can see the red flag on the bottom picture)

And the road also covered in water

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