Monday, October 25, 2010


Nate recently celebrated a birthday....he's getting really close to being 30! Here is his a pink polka dot bag and all. That's what you get when you live in a house full of girls!

And the beautiful cake he got from my mom. YUM!
We also celebrated our niece Kiara's birthday with all of the family. Here are all of the kids!

Grace and Camille; Hannah showing off her hula-hoop skills (she is REALLY good!)

While we were at Tiff's house for the birthday get-together, Miss Camille rolled over, and then rolled over, and rolled over again. I think her grand total ended up being like 10 times....every time she was put on the ground! She had rolled once from her tummy to her back the week before, but it was by accident and she wasn't sure what she had done. This time she was rolling from her back to her tummy....and she certainly has it figured out. Seriously, this was the week before she turned 4 months old!

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