Friday, October 1, 2010

Hannah's birthday and Grandma's visit

This year Hannah had a week long birthday celebration. Her birthday is always close to Labor Day, so it usually ends up being a big family get-together. Unlike Aliison's 2nd birthday celebration....I have plenty of pictures from Hannah's!
Decorating her big cupcake!
Time for presents!

The "big" present from mom and dad. Nate got these golf clubs before he left the country club and they have been sitting in the trunk of his car for over a year. Her first reaction when she saw them was, "No way! Those are NOT mine!"
Cousin Caleb helping out!

Cake time!

Blowing out the candles.
Trying out her new have to pose for pictures, you know!

Celebration #2 with Grandma Deb.

Dad and Camille!

All dressed up in her new clothes.
Playing at the library with Grandma
We love the library!

Passing out her birthday treat at school!

Allison joined the rest of Hannah's class in eating a cookie!

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