Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cherry Pies at Work

At Nate's work they have an annual dessert competition (which was way back in March and I'm just posting :) It is a competition about the dessert AND the creative set up.  Some departments go all out.  Nate's accounting department is usually one of the more laid back departments, but that's not Nate's style, so he volunteered our family to help. A bit of background: We have two cherry trees in our back yard and had some cherries frozen from the previous summer, a VEISHEA (Iowa State's annual party) tradition is cherry pies. Since it was the ISU Foundation and we just happened to have cherries, Nate decided that cherry pies and homemade ice cream was the dessert of choice. To help with the cuteness factor he invited the girls to come and help serve....along with ALL of their kitchen equipment from home!
Ready for the competition to start!

Camille was busy "baking"

And we won! 2 awards actually the "Thanks for Bringing Your Entire Family" award (that the judges made up just for us) and the People's Choice award. In this picture Hannah is holding the cookie jar "trophy" that is passed around year to year.  It is to sit on Nate's desk until next year when he gets to be a judge...except that now he has a new job...more on that a few posts later! :)

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